struct tw_desktop_surface


#include <desktop.h>

struct tw_desktop_surface
    // fields

    struct wl_resource* resource;
    struct tw_surface* tw_surface;
    struct tw_desktop_manager* desktop;
    enum tw_desktop_surface_type type;
    bool fullscreened;
    bool maximized;
    bool minimized;
    bool focused;
    bool surface_added;
    uint32_t tiled_state;
    struct tw_size_2d max_size min_size;
    struct tw_geometry_2d window_geometry;
    char* title;
    char* class;
    void(* configure)(struct tw_desktop_surface *surface, enum wl_shell_surface_resize edge, int32_t x, int32_t y, unsigned width, unsigned height);
    void(* close)(struct tw_desktop_surface *surface);
    void(* ping)(struct tw_desktop_surface *surface, uint32_t serial);
    void* user_data;

Detailed Documentation


struct wl_resource* resource

shared by implementation

struct tw_geometry_2d window_geometry

the window geometry for this given desktop surface, always available after every commit. The value before the initial commit is 0.